Brake Shoe Re-Lining Service

This service can cater for any shape or size brake-shoe. Whether it’s for a bike, car, van, trailer or even tractor. Many modern linings are too hard, so we have a range of materials to suit all applications, including woven non asbestos which does not need to get hot to work.All you need to do is remove the shoes from the back plate, drop them in a jiffy bag or box, write down what they fit, what you are going to use them for. I.e. trials, road, scramble etc.

For payment you can either pay on line, and then send them over with your on line confirmation or you can drop a cheque in with the shoes. Finally you can call us and pay over the phone via credit card.

For any motorcycle shoes we charge £21.95 a pair inclusive of vat and postage is free! Please email or call for a quote on car, trailer, truck shoes or industrial clutches.

We re-Line the shoes to their original width, if you require under or oversize linings, please let us know on your note with the shoes. To measure and exact size, all you need to do is measure the inside diameter of the hub and the outside diameter of the shoes on the back plate (excluding the current linings) write those sizes down with your letter and we will do the rest. But this is not absolutely necessary if you are not confident doing that.

Once you purchase this service all you need to do is drop them into a box / bag and post them to us. No need to call. If you do not want to purchase service on line just drop a cheque in with shoes or put your phone number in and we can call and get your credit card details once they are complete.

Average turn round time is 7 WORKING days.

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