Classic Two Stroke Oil 1 litre

Our most commonly asked question is "What oil do i use?and at what ratio do i mix for my classic". So we contacted a top oil manufacturer and commisioned  our own classic formula oil. This oil is perfect for industrial motors as well as bikes.

Many modern oils are unsuitable for classic motors, many are not even suitable for pre mix. Our oil has been developed soley for this purpose. It is perfect for road bikes and trials bike, mixed at a ratio of 30:1 or 20:1 for running in.

For hi spec / scrambles oils see our other products.


TOP TIP: Due to the weight, oil is in one our courier rate band for post, but if you purchace multiples or add it to other parts, postage is capped at this level. ie 10 bottles will be same postal cost as one.  (UK only)

£7.00 (ex UK VAT)

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