11.9" Rear Shocks Shrouded

Pair of shocks 11.9" Fully shrouded for Norton Jubilee (1959-), Navigator (1961-), Excelsior C3,R4,R6,A9,TT2,STT2,STT4,U9,TT4,S8,S9 (note - not as per OEM type girling body without cam adjuster), Francis Barnett Cruiser/Falcons (1957-), Greeves 20R3, 20D,20T,20S,25D,25R,32D (note - not as per OEM type girling bodies without cam adjuster)

Fully Shrouded: YES
Chrome Springs: NO
Extended Length: 11.9"
Spring Rate: 90Lbs
Top bush : 3/8"
Bottom bush : 3/8"


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