Engine reconditioning service

This service is ideal for engines which have been standing for years and their back ground is unknown, or for motors which have been run into the ground and all the consumables are worn out.

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From receiving the engine we carry out the following work:

  • Totally strip (to every last nut and bolt), the cylinders, crank cases, crank, all electrics, clutch and gearbox.
  • Chemically clean all castings
  • Vapour blast all casing
  • Ultra sonic clean all components
  • Check every single component for wear and damage
  • Re bore cylinder
  • Re black cylinder
  • Zinc plate all fasteners
  • Recondition crankshaft

Once all the above prep is complete, the engine is then rebuilt using new replacements for all consumables, they consist of:

  • Spark plug
  • Piston ( and bore)
  • Gasket set
  • Seals and O rings all round
  • Bearings all round (no bearings are put back in, even if they feel ok!)
  • Re con crank ( crank rebuilt even if it feels fine)
  • Points
  • Clutch plates
  • Primary chain

After the engine is rebuilt we rig it up to our test kit and run it up. We make sure all gears engage, engine ticks over and lighting coils give output.


We can also build your carburettor while the motor is here, then we can bench test with your carb fitted. (See carburettor rebuild section for details)

Prices for the full rebuild:


3K £975 

31C 9E 10E 11E 31A 32A 33A 34A 35A 36A 37A £1300

2F £1100

1F 4F 6F 1200

Junior de luxe £1200

9D £1350

10D 6E 7E 8E £1250

we can also rebuild "short engines" ie re-bore, crank, mains seals. This services can be booked in for a while you wait if you require. email for price of your model.

If you are no in a position to deliver your motor to us, we can collect it from your doorstep, all you need to do is pack in a suitable box (if your motor is part dismantled, please ensure box is large enough for completed motor to be returned). Once packed, call us and we will arrange collection.

Collection costs £12 up to 20 Kg, then 50p per kilo after.



Carburettor Reconditioning Service

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Many running problems with Villiers motors are caused by poorly set up carbs. Over the years people fit incorrect jets, needle etc. Or just set/adjust them incorrectly. Also if the carb has been standing for a while, all the jets gum up and the general finish is rough.



If you want to ensure your carb is set up spot on and looks like new, we offer the following service:

  • Strip carb to every single component
  • Check for wear and damage
  • Check jets and needles are correct
  • Ultra sonic clean all components  (see more on ultra -sonic cleaning in our workshop section)
  • Re zinc  plate float bowl and screws where applicable
  • Re build carb and set float/needle height
  • Connect to fuel line to test for leaks.

Cost for above service FROM £35.00. + Parts as required
If your carb has a stripped banjo thread don't worry we can fit a thread insert (see hellicoil section) for £5
If your carb has a constant leaking float bowl even after fitting new needle, we can supply or fit our new press in needle seat (Part No.bush2) £4.75

Hellicoil Service

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If you have stripped threads on any  Villers motor, we can drill the hole out, tap it oversize, then fit a stainless thread insert. In alloy castings this makes it stronger than the original thread!

If your motor is not Villiers, we may still have the correct size insert, so drop us an email and we can check we have the correct size.

We have salvaged many parts such as heads with stripped plug threads and carbs with stripped banjo threads.

Cost. £5 per thread


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We do all our boring in house with our own machinery, as well as boring we are also equipped to hone to a perfect finish.

Although we are set up to bore every type of Villiers cylinder we can usually bore most motorcycle cylinders. Our machine ranges from 43mm to 80+mm.

We can collect your barrel off your doorstep on an overnight courier for £11.

Cylinders are usually bored on a next day service, but if you pre book, we can bore while you wait.




Re bore and hone £40 +vat
Hone only £6.00 +vat
Cylinder vapour blast (Alloy barrels) £12.00 +vat
Cylinder blast and re black (Iron barrel) £15.00
Fin repairs from £5