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Model: TFS
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1964 Greeves TFS fuly rebuilt by previous owner. Engine built with new crank, mans seals etc.Fitted with Apico folding footrests, folding kick start, ... more info
G02736 Greeves Griffon gear lever


Model: G02736
Price: £19.00

New gear lever to suit Greeves Griffons.
E374 Pre war crank pin


Model: 374
Price: £50.00

Brand new crank pin 0.002" oversize on bearing surface to take up slack in worn con rods. And 0.001" oversize where it presses in to crank ... more info
British hub sprocket fixing bolt+nut reduced hex 5/16 BSF

Reduced hex 5/16 Bsf bolt with nut made in stainless steel. Fits British hub sprockets and many more.
2793/2 Six pin wiring connector for twins


Model: 2793/2
Price: £8.00

Six pix connector for all Villiers twins. If you require the bullets search 2793/2/BULLET
Bullet to suit 5 / 6 pin connectors on twins


Model: 2793/2/BULLET
Price: £0.95

Special bullet to fit into 2793/2 six pin connector on all Villiers twins.
V1899 Carb top gasket


Model: 1899
Price: £2.50

Carb top gasket to fit SM10 and S10 type carburettors.
E8793 Gearbox seal Albion


Model: 8793
Price: £6.50

Gearbox output seal to fit Albion four speed box.
D8899 Chaincase gasket


Model: 8899
Price: £2.75

Chaincase gasket to fit 9E 10E 32A 33A 34A 31C engine.
5/16 BSF nut (stainless)


Model: 5/16BSFNUTSS
Price: £0.25

Stainless 5/16 BSF nut.
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